Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer Drawing Day #58 & #60

I apologize for not updating yesterday, I just got really sick and spent most of the day sleeping... I did draw one thing, but I'm too happy with the turn out... so it won't be posted.
The day before, I tried taking my bike down to the gas station to fill up the flat tires (don't ask why), unfortunately the front tire was just dead flat, so I had to hike it up back home up a series of hills (true story). On the bright side, I was taught how to make tamago donburi, which turned out pretty good. In matters of drawing, I just did some figure traces... just to try to understand the gesture and structure of the human figure:
For today, I was feeling a little better. Whether I was or not, however, my family and I went to see my aunt and cousins in Berkeley. In between, I got a chance to draw a few people and some drinks in a Thai restaurant:
 I couldn't get the guy in the upper left correctly because he just packed up and left the minute I began drawing him out. The woman the upper right was a little easier, since she seemed too busy texting or playing around on her phone.

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