Saturday, December 28, 2013

Fall Semester 2013

Okay, I know it's been months since I've posted, I've just been extra occupied with classes and I had to focus on a portfolio review for the Interior Design Program at my university (which I passed, thankfully). Anyway, quite a bit of stuff happened, and I do not know where to start, so I guess I will just present my final projects and whatnot.
Hopefully you all can view google docs... so this link is for one of my classes where we learned how to draft and create construction documents. For this, we were given a floor plan of an office where we had to first arrange the rooms and spaces according to our program description. After going through the schematic design phase and the design development phase (where we had to work in groups of 5 or 6), we each individually had to create a partition plan, an openings schedule, a reflected ceiling plan, a finish plan, a mill work/detail elevations, and a cover sheet. I ended up doing pretty well with the whole project, though there's still room for improvement.
This next link is my portfolio (because it is a huge file, I needed to lower the resolution so the quality of the file is not the best). For this we mainly just had to collect various projects we have done in the program and organize them all into a book format. We also needed to customize our cover with special paper and make our own book binding. This is technically still a work in progress so there will be changes...
To add on to making a portfolio, we also had design the interior space in a hotel based on our concept designs and curtain walls made earlier. This project we had to work in groups of 2, so the work was kind of divided up. Because the original pdf file is humongous, I plan to just show the work I did for the hotel project. Because my partner had a bit of a struggle doing the rendering work with modo (long story of computer problems and whatnot), I was in charge of doing all the renderings for various rooms in the hotel in both modo and adobe photoshop.

 So these two are renderings of two hotel rooms (one being orange with a purple line drawing wallpaper and the other being purple with an orange line drawing wallpaper), each with a king size bed and our curtain wall shaped like a coral reef.
This is the interior entrance of the hotel (what it would look like if you entered into the hotel), we wanted to do a bridge where you can cross to get to the main lobby and would feel like you are entering into a coral reef and could see the pool located below the bridge. For this, the lobby, and the basement, we struggled finding a color scheme that would work with the colors of the coral wall, so in the end we had to settle with this purple color...
This is the main lobby area where there's a reception, seating along the wall, and a bar where you can get wine or coffee.
This is the basement area/pool (here you are view out in the water), it is hard to see, but we shaped the water area to be like a horse shoe to add on to the curvature of the hotel interior.
These two are the facade renderings of the hotel (one elevation, and one perspective).
This link is for an isometric line drawing of the whole hotel that I did (just to give you all an idea on how the whole building should look like).
This is a quick photo of what is suppose to be part of the curtain wall in life size. They were crochet and sewed together.
There was a lot more previous work done before all of this... though I feel like it may be a bit too much to show on a blog. I also did some work on the plans and sections for the hotel, my partner just did the touch ups and final editing for our final presentation. Personally, I felt like I did a better job on my portfolio than the hotel project (maybe because it was individual).
That's pretty much it for now, overall a busy semester with a lot of work/projects (but I ended up with really good grades in the end). I'm hoping to be able to draw/sketch a bit more though that will depend on how busy I get next semester with classes and possibly an internship if I can find one.