Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Decisions 2

Thanks to the people who left comments here and on facebook. I'm still going through identity issues right now, I start thinking one way and then I think another... It's just tough when you know you have very little time to decide... I did a little exploring, and I'm starting to lean more towards interior design as a major.
I know a lot of good friends have been telling me not to go and even asking why, I'm actually still not too sure myself what I should do... I just feel like my reasons for going through the animation program was all wrong... Like many students, I just really enjoyed drawing cartoons and thought this would be a wonderland job (which of course is not). Through my experience, I've learned that drawing well was not something professors could teach you, it's something you must teach yourself and it's something you must dedicate to if you wish to be a professional. It takes a lot of passion and confidence (along with selfishness) in order to go through such a tough program like animation, which is something I'm beginning to lose...
From what I've heard from interior design, it has a balance of art and the idea of constructing something for real life; there's also a little understanding of spacing, lighting, and a passion for building things. Personally, I think that's something I want to do as a career, a little balance with what I enjoy doing (plus I took an architecture class in high school to give me little understanding about drafting). I still like animation, heck, maybe I'll decide by the end of spring that I want to switch back. Though right now I want to at least try this out, and possibly keep animation/illustration as something to do for fun.
Anyway, to all the A/I friends I have gotten to know, I just want to let you know that you've all been great friends, in fact you're all like a second family to me. I think it's really the sad thought of leaving you all is what has been making it hard for me to decide... I will still technically be in the art and design program, so I hope that we can stay in touch. And you never know, if I can pull through this new major, maybe I'll be able to design an animation studio and get to see some of you (that's kind of a dream goal right now).

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Okay, I know I haven't posted in a while... the truth is I'm starting to have doubts about my drawing skills. I've been trying and trying to get better at figure drawing, but I just don't see anything (in fact I think I'm getting worse). Maybe it's just the overloading work load I'm having, or something, whatever it is it's making me rethink about trying for Animation as a career.
I used to enjoy drawing, at least the last few semesters when I could draw for fun, but now that it's coming down to the big leagues, I'm just not so sure anymore. The hardest thing about all this is that I've managed to improve to the point where I can impress non-art people (friends and family), but I'm not at the professional level I should be... plus I'm afraid of leaving and/or having second thoughts about actually changing.
Honestly, I know I shouldn't be the one complaining about this, since there are upper classmen who are dealing with more hell than I could imagine (then again they choose to). I guess I'm just worried about actually getting in the program (not that I can at the moment) and then having regrets.
I'm still thinking about it, I have been thinking about doing something in architecture if I decide to change... but of course I'm still undecided. I still want to draw and grow (that's the whole reason I made this blog), just maybe in a way that it can be used a stress reliever rather than something to stress over.
If anyone has any say about this, feel free to comment or anything.