Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Porfolio/Senior Show

I know it's been forever since I posted in this blog, which is meant to be a motivator in doing art and posting it for anyone to see. Honestly, last semester was really depressing for me in matters of design, I literally had no motivation due to lack of learning/teaching in the design classes I had. Also, this is my last/6th year in San Jose State University, and I am pretty much ready to leave this school and move on with my life.... finding a job and start living independently is another story...

This semester, our final senior project is to work on our portfolio of our best work, and set up a senior show gallery for professionals to see and possibly consider hiring us. Our senior show website is available here in case anyone is interested in seeing who we are.

I have been working on my portfolio a bit, and based on feedback from last week, I came with this (bear with me):
This is suppose to be the cover of my senior interior design portfolio; the idea is to print it on vellum paper to have it on top of card stock paper as seen below.
This semi-cover will be have the letters laser etched, I still need to confirm with my professor and classmates if it will be a good idea.
Here is the table of contents of the five projects I picked as my best projects, I am still working on the layout, so expect changes. The first project to present is my hotel project:

This is the basic layout that mainly follows with the other projects to be presented. The next project is one of the early projects I did starting in Interior Design, the live and work loft:

I feel most of this portfolio should be self-explanatory, it just feels weird not saying anything about it. Following this is a project I did last semester, we had to take an anchorage of the bay bridge and turn it into a spa based on an artist we were given to study and our idea of a relaxation element. I was given Robert Smithson and choose the ocean, or in this case bay water, to develop my design like this:

This next one is something I did this semester with three other classmates, we were asked to design something that would be able to 3D print as ceramic in a 3D printer. Our concept was filigree vases, we each had to design our own individually, but be designed so all four could be put together like a family. So far we have only printed them in wood, (first time we tried rubber, but all except mine fell apart), and from what I have heard, they will be available on display and for sale at the Student Union book store at San Jose State (have yet to figure out when).

This final project is what I like to call the Sweatshop Cafe, another project I did last semester. This project we were only given about a month to design and finish. First we were asked to develop a wallpaper design based off of an industrial item. I experimented with sweatshop workers, and decided to bring the glove item as a feature design for my cafe, which serves a hanging ceiling element and table legs for the assembly line created. My main idea was to give customers the idea of what it is like to work in a real sweatshop, to have your back faced to the person behind you, and a blockade to the person in front of you. Many keep saying this may be my best, which is why I left as the last to be presented.

That concludes my portfolio, there may be adjustments to it before the final. Also for the senior show, we need to make a board of three of our best projects up to display for all to see. Here is how I set up mine so far (changes are to be expected), it consists of the Coral Motile, Live and Work Loft, and the Sweatshop Cafe:
That pretty much wraps up all I have for now, all kinds of feedback and critics to make this better is most appreciated, I have roughly a month left to finalize all this. Our Interior Design Senior Show will be at the Glass House in downtown San Jose, CA, May 20th (it will be in the evening around 6pm, we are still finalizing the times), so come on down and check out all our work in person.