Thursday, December 13, 2012

Most of my design assignments so far...

Okay, I know it's been a really long time since I posted anything, I have just been pretty busy with all school work and whatnot...
Here are the three designs I did for an acrylic assignment I had to do weeks ago (where we had to etch, score, and cut on the acrylic with a natural design we find online):

They're a little hard to see, since I tried capturing a photo of them in the sunlight...
Our next assignment involved taking two of either the previous projects (wood stacking, paper folding, and acrylic etching) and combine into one hybrid model, we had to two of those. What I did was a combination of stacking and etching, and folding and etching:

For our final project, we had to take one of our previous projects, and make that the official wall for redesigning the inside of a salvation army building (the building is located somewhere on First and Market street, close to the San Jose Quilts and Textiles museum). Here's the final model I made of the building, using my hybrid model with the stacking and etching:

I wanted to make the walls out of bass wood, but I had no time to use the laser cutting machine to make the small cutting details I needed, so I had to use Bristol paper (all cut by hand). I also had to make renderings, floor plans and sections, but those are all on an Illustrator file, I will get back to you when I manage to make them an image file or something like that.
For my other class, we were told to do axon plans of our building (axon plans are objects put in a 3/4ths perspective with no vanishing point). These are really rough and messy, but I feeling like sharing them:

And a few assignments before our final for this class, we had to take a perspective of a room and render it with a red pencil and chartpak makers:
This one here, is a section plan that we had to trace and bring into photoshop to render on the computer:
There's still quite a bit of stuff I did for these classes and another design class, though some of the files still PDF files or are just not considered my personal best.
Hope you all like it... quite a bit of blood and tears went into a lot of my assignments, even though they are not the most artistic or professional looking...

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Slightly Big Update

Even today, I wonder if I made the right choice in changing majors. I would tell people my current major and sometimes have to tell what my previous major was. Sometimes I wonder if people think I'm crazy for doing so. So far I'm kind of enjoying the modeling making: cutting wood, folding paper, laser cutting plastic, etc. Plus I'm learning a bit about drafting in programs like autocad and revit. I keep telling people that it's not easy, it's a little like animation/illustration, just a new level of difficulty (new expectations and demands).
Anyway, I figured I'd try to show you guys the things I have done so far. In one of my classes, we had to create new folding techniques using bristol paper, here are the final nine designs that I came up with:

Most of them look the same, that's just because I took off the same design idea and made a couple of changes to make it slightly different from the original. In my rendering class, a few weeks ago, we had to take a picture of four chairs and a table and practice rendering them with various medias. The first one is rendered on paper with a black colored pencil:
This one was rendered on trace paper using chartpak markers and a black colored pencil (word to the wise, chartpak are strong markers, they can easily make one high from the stench).

This one was rendering on bond paper using chartpak markers:
Here's a more recent assignment I did for my rendering class, we were told to take two objects and make a plan, a front elevation, a side elevation, and an axon plan for each while showing how they each function. So it was more like an industrial design project. For this, I did a miniature stapler and a can opener:
 Besides from the multiple projects and assignments given from school, I've been able to find a little time to render. About twice in two weeks, I went to flames with my classmates for drinks, there I did a few sketches of what was in the restaurant:

That's pretty much it for now, I've done a couple of other renderings and sketches, but I don't feel like showing them. Next time, I'll try to show you my laser cuts.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stacking Project

I know it's been a while since I posted anything, I've been a big occupied with my classes and whatnot. Right now, I'm learning to how to use Autocad to make floor plans, how to render shapes and furniture, and making various designs out of wood and Bristol paper. For now, I'll just show you guys my stacking project. We were told to first make a plan, a elevation, and an axon view for one of our walls which we make by stacking pieces of wood. So here's one rough done in pencil, and one done in pen:

 For the actual wall, we had to make three different designs that had to be about 7"x14":

Personally I had a little fun with the construction process, it's a little like stacking blocks when you're a little kid. Anyway, the professor thought the last model at the bottom was the best out of all three. Next time, I'll show you guys some of the furniture renderings I've done with a black colored pencil and gray chartpak markers, and maybe some of the fold models I've done.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Drawings from LA vacation

Haven't been too productive in drawing this summer, but I managed to get in a couple of sketches during my trip to LA with my family. So, I'll try to walk you guys through it.
The first day, we drove down to Ventura to rest for the night. We stopped by a restaurant for dinner in Downtown Ventura, here are somethings I drew there:
 I couldn't finish fork before the food arrived sadly...
The very next morning we drove down to the Grove in Hollywood for lunch, and to watch the women's soccer game (Japan vs USA). Here's a drawing of a regular guy watching the game:
I know it's not the best figure drawing... It's just been a while since I've tried drawing people.
Later that night, we went Dave and Busters to celebrate my older brother's birthday. I notice the fans on the ceilings were being run by giant rubber bands attached to other fans:
I tried detailing the bands as much as I could, just looked a bit unique.
The next two days I didn't really try to draw... Ended up going to a Martina McBride concert in the Orange County Fair on Friday (which was actually really fun). We did go to see the Alaskan pig race before hand, which was really cute (the host promised "bacon" after the race), so sad...
Saturday we went to Huntington Beach for swimming (although I was the only one actually swimming).
Sunday, our last day in LA, my older brother invited us to his church community. Before going, we walked through a mall close by, ended up drawing the directory sign:
At the church, I ended drawing a bit more than I should have... I drew one of the speakers used for the music band:
 Here's a drawing of my older brother (sorry big bro) talking about his personal experience doing a mission in Guatemala:
 And a drawing of his girlfriend's back, who was sitting right in front of us:
Later on during the rest of the Guatemala speeches, I tried drawing my right leg to practice perspective organically:
The day after, we drove up back to the Bay Area, sadly no drawings to show...
That's pretty much it for now, I will have to start school again in less than week. I do not know how heavy my workload will be this semester, but I do hope to continue drawing.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Drawings So Far

I know I haven't been here for a long time... The first five weeks of summer was a whole semester packed in so little time, so a bit intense for just two simple classes... Afterwards I did a a few sketches from time to time.
Here is something I did at a Burger Meister while waiting for my order. Seems like the best times for me to sketch are when I need time to kill...

These I did at San Francisco Japantown while I was waiting for a friend (which was a few hours). I personally like how the bottom sketch turned out, though I think I can still do better. Since I haven't really been trying too much in sketching lately it's probably affecting my current performance in drawing.
I did try drawing trees in the Arboretum in Golden Gate Park, but I do not wish to show the turn outs (they are really bad...).
That is pretty much for now, I apologize for lack of updating, I guess I've just lost a little confidence in my drawing skills... I still wish to keep trying though, since I am taking a career path in interior design/architecture.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Extra Credit Project

Okay, just yesterday I finished my basswood model of the Jobson House (or at least did enough to think it's done). Here are various photos of the model:

I'd do a picture of a section, but I don't feel like chopping my model in half just yet.... I know it's not perfect, but I kind of think it's a personal best in matters of model making. 
So that's pretty much it for now, the semester's almost over, but there's still work to be done between then.