Thursday, August 16, 2012

Drawings from LA vacation

Haven't been too productive in drawing this summer, but I managed to get in a couple of sketches during my trip to LA with my family. So, I'll try to walk you guys through it.
The first day, we drove down to Ventura to rest for the night. We stopped by a restaurant for dinner in Downtown Ventura, here are somethings I drew there:
 I couldn't finish fork before the food arrived sadly...
The very next morning we drove down to the Grove in Hollywood for lunch, and to watch the women's soccer game (Japan vs USA). Here's a drawing of a regular guy watching the game:
I know it's not the best figure drawing... It's just been a while since I've tried drawing people.
Later that night, we went Dave and Busters to celebrate my older brother's birthday. I notice the fans on the ceilings were being run by giant rubber bands attached to other fans:
I tried detailing the bands as much as I could, just looked a bit unique.
The next two days I didn't really try to draw... Ended up going to a Martina McBride concert in the Orange County Fair on Friday (which was actually really fun). We did go to see the Alaskan pig race before hand, which was really cute (the host promised "bacon" after the race), so sad...
Saturday we went to Huntington Beach for swimming (although I was the only one actually swimming).
Sunday, our last day in LA, my older brother invited us to his church community. Before going, we walked through a mall close by, ended up drawing the directory sign:
At the church, I ended drawing a bit more than I should have... I drew one of the speakers used for the music band:
 Here's a drawing of my older brother (sorry big bro) talking about his personal experience doing a mission in Guatemala:
 And a drawing of his girlfriend's back, who was sitting right in front of us:
Later on during the rest of the Guatemala speeches, I tried drawing my right leg to practice perspective organically:
The day after, we drove up back to the Bay Area, sadly no drawings to show...
That's pretty much it for now, I will have to start school again in less than week. I do not know how heavy my workload will be this semester, but I do hope to continue drawing.

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