Thursday, December 13, 2012

Most of my design assignments so far...

Okay, I know it's been a really long time since I posted anything, I have just been pretty busy with all school work and whatnot...
Here are the three designs I did for an acrylic assignment I had to do weeks ago (where we had to etch, score, and cut on the acrylic with a natural design we find online):

They're a little hard to see, since I tried capturing a photo of them in the sunlight...
Our next assignment involved taking two of either the previous projects (wood stacking, paper folding, and acrylic etching) and combine into one hybrid model, we had to two of those. What I did was a combination of stacking and etching, and folding and etching:

For our final project, we had to take one of our previous projects, and make that the official wall for redesigning the inside of a salvation army building (the building is located somewhere on First and Market street, close to the San Jose Quilts and Textiles museum). Here's the final model I made of the building, using my hybrid model with the stacking and etching:

I wanted to make the walls out of bass wood, but I had no time to use the laser cutting machine to make the small cutting details I needed, so I had to use Bristol paper (all cut by hand). I also had to make renderings, floor plans and sections, but those are all on an Illustrator file, I will get back to you when I manage to make them an image file or something like that.
For my other class, we were told to do axon plans of our building (axon plans are objects put in a 3/4ths perspective with no vanishing point). These are really rough and messy, but I feeling like sharing them:

And a few assignments before our final for this class, we had to take a perspective of a room and render it with a red pencil and chartpak makers:
This one here, is a section plan that we had to trace and bring into photoshop to render on the computer:
There's still quite a bit of stuff I did for these classes and another design class, though some of the files still PDF files or are just not considered my personal best.
Hope you all like it... quite a bit of blood and tears went into a lot of my assignments, even though they are not the most artistic or professional looking...

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