Sunday, September 30, 2012

Slightly Big Update

Even today, I wonder if I made the right choice in changing majors. I would tell people my current major and sometimes have to tell what my previous major was. Sometimes I wonder if people think I'm crazy for doing so. So far I'm kind of enjoying the modeling making: cutting wood, folding paper, laser cutting plastic, etc. Plus I'm learning a bit about drafting in programs like autocad and revit. I keep telling people that it's not easy, it's a little like animation/illustration, just a new level of difficulty (new expectations and demands).
Anyway, I figured I'd try to show you guys the things I have done so far. In one of my classes, we had to create new folding techniques using bristol paper, here are the final nine designs that I came up with:

Most of them look the same, that's just because I took off the same design idea and made a couple of changes to make it slightly different from the original. In my rendering class, a few weeks ago, we had to take a picture of four chairs and a table and practice rendering them with various medias. The first one is rendered on paper with a black colored pencil:
This one was rendered on trace paper using chartpak markers and a black colored pencil (word to the wise, chartpak are strong markers, they can easily make one high from the stench).

This one was rendering on bond paper using chartpak markers:
Here's a more recent assignment I did for my rendering class, we were told to take two objects and make a plan, a front elevation, a side elevation, and an axon plan for each while showing how they each function. So it was more like an industrial design project. For this, I did a miniature stapler and a can opener:
 Besides from the multiple projects and assignments given from school, I've been able to find a little time to render. About twice in two weeks, I went to flames with my classmates for drinks, there I did a few sketches of what was in the restaurant:

That's pretty much it for now, I've done a couple of other renderings and sketches, but I don't feel like showing them. Next time, I'll try to show you my laser cuts.

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