Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Drawing Day #55 & #56

Still counting the days as they go by. Yesterday, I wasn't too active... though I did check out Border's status in matters of selling everything at a shopping mall (they still have a long way to go). I just did a few traces of the human figure, along with a little trace of the hand:
Getting back to basics (such as gesture and structure) can help a little for real life figures.
For today, I went to another shopping mall, and managed to get in a few people:
Both of them seemed like they were texting or doing something on their phones (kind of a little symbolism in how the world is becoming obsessive over special cell phones). For both of them I was focusing a little too much on structure and getting their exact posture... which is why the gesture is pretty weak. Like my art professors would say, you have to exaggerate the actual pose in order make it real in a drawing.
Later today, I also did a little character design:
I might work on a little more on this tomorrow (Eclair is just there for comparison). I also might try to do a still life (though I might plan too many things and just do nothing in the end...). I'll let you all know in the next update.

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