Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Drawing Day #49 & #50

Yesterday and today I worked a little on character designs:
This character (Jenny) is best described as a "Disney Princess:" the one pretty girl who stands out from all of the other minor girls in the animation. To me, the key is to get the eyes right... plus make the girl somewhat attractive and innocent compared to a girl like this:
The bottom right is suppose to compare the two girls in looks and personality, though I didn't really try to hard... Next time I'll make a bigger drawing with better gesture and detail.
For today, because I had to get out of the house for quite a while, I got to do a little perspective in a mall:
It's suppose to be a ProActive vending machine, not my best perspective, but not too bad (compared to the last perspective I did). I did wanted to add more background and depth, but my pen was low on ink during the time...

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  1. Hi can you please email me. I need someone to draw a custom vending machine for me.