Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Drawing Day #44

Somehow, doing these blogs makes me feel a little selfish... It's not like a job or an assignment where you have to give it to someone, it's something I post up almost everyday, not knowing whether anyone will look at it or not... But that's just me talking.
For today, I went out for bit and got to draw the outside of a Burger King restaurant;
It was actually really tricky because of the roof angle and the bushes covering up most of the place. The one thing I find hard about mastering perspective (and figure drawing) is that it's something one must try to do EVERYDAY. It requires quite a bit of discipline and time...
And later today, I got to do a little cartooning with my characters. Anyone remember Chris and Eclair? Here's an old cover picture I did of them sometime back in my junior year of high school:
And here's what I did today (in colored pencils):
I originally wanted to them in a different pose, but I had trouble getting it down correctly (may need to look into reference and whatnot). I personally think it's an improvement, still needs some corrections here and there, but way better than the original.

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