Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer Drawing Day #39

I'm sure everyone knows this, that the internet is the number one way to procrastinate.
I'll be honest, I've spent the whole morning uploading a large MKV file to a ftp server to help get it converted properly... took forever and a lifetime. Other times I've been watching videos and reading.
Later on, I got to spend a little father/daughter time with my dad, a nice long walk.
The only drawing I did for today were at a restaurant:
The human figure seemed to turn out okay to me... a little stiff and out of proportion... The sugar shaker (or whatever it's called that holds sugar) was something I did right before the food arrived, so it's a little rushed.
And just a little heads up, tomorrow I'm going to Monterey for a family reunion, so I won't have any access to a scanner. I will be back Monday, so I'll be sure to post something then.
Have a nice night.

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