Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Drawing Day #34 & #35

Yesterday I didn't do too much drawing wise, I did see the movie Super 8, which was actually a pretty interesting movie; if you're into mystery and surprise attack movies. Afterwards, I got a little inspired to draw my alien monster, just for kicks. Here's the original:
And here's what I did yesterday:
Honestly I'm not too pleased with how it turned out, he just seems too stiff...
I also got to the see the fireworks yesterday, the main fireworks along with a bunch of private fireworks. I took some videos of it, so if anyone is interested just send a message.
For today, I worked a little bit on character designs for a human character:
One can call these mugshots since they actually look like they've been taken to jail. This is mainly just to get an idea of proportions for an average person compared to Eclair (my other character).
These are practice expressions and different perspectives of Chris' head. The head on the right was a little tricky since his hair is uneven. Hair is also something I may need to look into.
Despite this, I also tried a little gesture at a ramen restaurant:
At first I tried to get just the gesture in, but then I went a little overboard in getting every little detail in...
For tomorrow, I plan to get back into still life and possibly more figure drawing.

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