Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Drawing Day #57

Today I decided to be a little productive and visit an old street I used to come by a lot as a middle school student and a high school student... still somewhat the same, though a few stores have been driven out of business (due to the economic crisis we are still in). I also got a chance to go through the park and draw a fountain in front of the Academy of Science:
Not too bad... the circular parts of the fountain were a little trick, based on proportions and whatnot...
Later, I redid the mugshots from yesterday, along with a little profile:

 The guy above is suppose to be an anamorphic polar bear, so I've been trying to work with his head and muzzle (I read somewhere that polar bear's heads are more narrow and cone shaped compared to a regular bear, who has more of a square head).
Honestly, doing these character designs seems wrong to me, yet I can't stop doing it... I guess it's probably because I'm really into kind of drawing.

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