Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Drawing Day #51

Can anyone believe how fast summer flies? Some may think it will last forever, but it ends right before you know it.
For today, I mostly just worked on couple's designs for a t-shirt design contest one of my friends is hosting. I'm not really expecting to win... I'm just entering for fun. Here's the design I did:
I sketched out first, then went over it in photoshop (I'm still a little newbie at making art with photoshop). It's pretty plain and simple, it's suppose to split right in the middle so the girl and the boy will be on a separate t-shirt.
I also did another couple design, based on old characters I came up with for an Academy of Art Animation class:
That was back when I didn't had any professional lessons on drawing or animation... Anyway, here's what I did with them today:
Maybe someday when I get better, I'll try remaking the animation, though that's still in the "maybe pile."
Tomorrow is going to be a sale in one of the last few Borders in the city... yes they are still alive (barely).

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