Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Drawing Day #40

Okay, I plan to post this up before I end up snoozing and loosing again.
The trip to Monterey was fun, though my parents weren't too pleased with the little cottage we had to stay at for one night (it's good if you like antics though). We got to see fisherman's wharf and the area around the Monterey Bay Aquarium. So here's somethings I did while down there:
The fan in the upper left was done in a restaurant, it was really tricky because of the angle and the how the edges turned out. The light in the bottom right was done near a coffee shop in Carmel; while I was adding things in, a guy asked me to move in order to put a ladder in the spot I was in, but he didn't want to disrupt my drawing.
Sometime in the evening, we went to see my father's cousins (all women) along with their husbands. While they were conversation, I managed to get this in:
One of my dad's cousin's husband with a wine glass of white wine. I ended up having to show them this drawing, they all said it was good though, which kind of made my day.
For today, we had to drive back home in the morning, though we were all really tired from not getting enough sleep in the cottage (I had to sleep on a small, uncomfortable couch...). Thankfully we didn't get into any accident on the way home. So yeah, that's my lame excuse for not drawing today...
Here's a little advice stated by Jaycee Dugard in last night's interview: "Life your life to the fullest."

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