Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Drawing Day #61 & #62

Yesterday, sadly, I didn't get to do to much because my McAfee security system had to perform a full scan on my laptop, which took a couple of hours. Plus later on, I learned that it was also causing some of my images to disappear (or send to hidden folders) when I tried adjusting them, so I had to fix that too. I did get a chance to draw a shopping cart around Traders Joes:
It wasn't really done well, because a woman took it while I still working out the perspectives and details. So, I had to improvise... I also drew over some people in magazines, just for practice drawing people out.
For today, I worked a bit on cartooning. Strangely, this took up most of the day:
I personally liked how it turned out, at least with Charcoal (AKA the cat upside down). Because hands are still an issue for me, I did a little practice with my own today:
It still appears a little flat (or maybe a lot), but I kind of think it is starting to develop a little more dimension.
Less than a month left of summer, at least for me, better make the most out of it.

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  1. Nice job with the hand and I think Charcoal is cute!