Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summer Drawing Day #80 & #81

Yesterday was mostly preparing for the big move today, but I managed to get in a few things:
The top is a part of a water heater at home, and the bottom is a leaf I found at a local shopping mall. Mostly just practice in getting in big details to make it look somewhat realistic. Plus it was a chance to practice a little perspective.
Today I was busy moving things in to my apartment; checking in to on-campus apartments is like going through the DMV, only the people there ACTUALLY want to work and help people out. I managed to get in a little something at a Chinese restaurant:
Can't say I'm too pleased with it, I'm still having a little trouble with gestures and getting in the figure correctly. I've been unpacking and moving about for most of the day... which is exhausting... hopefully I'll come up with something better tomorrow, when I have more energy to spare.

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