Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Drawing Day #70 through #75

I'm back from my vacation, and I got a lot of drawings to post, so I'll try to keep it as short and sweet as I can.
Day #70:
We had to drive about 6 hours to get to Ventura. Along the way, we stopped by a restaurant, where I got the chance to draw some people and a few objects.
After we got settled, we went downtown for a little for dinner and coffee.
Day #71:
We had to drive another 2 hours to get to our hotel in Ontario. We stopped to get lunch along the way.
In the evening, we went to see my older brother at, what my parents like to call, a depressing mall... we also went out to dinner (where I got a chance to draw more people).
Day #72:
We went to Griffith Park that day, or at least the other side of it (it still had an amazing view and landscapes). We then decided to had down to farmers market afterwards.
Later, we went to Chevy's for dinner, where I got to do some drawings.
Plus I got a chance to draw in my hotel room.
Day #73:
We went to the beach that day, where I got a chance to do lots of body boarding. After that, we went to a mall in Fullerton, where I did a life drawing and a still life drawing.
Day #74:
We went to Frank and Sons collectors show (LOTS of collectibles, though I was hoping to find a little more graphic novels to browse through). We then went to Little Tokyo where they had a Tanabata Festival. All I managed to get in was a life drawing and a drawing of the hotel pool.
Day #75:
We all decided to go swimming in the pool in the morning before heading to an Indian buffet restaurant. Afterwards, we headed over to Chino to find a dutch oven for my older brother; along with some cloth shopping. In between, I tried drawing a shopping cart (which was hard because people kept taking it).
For today, we spent the whole day driving (at least my dad, I helped drive part way). I spent the rest of the day sleeping, even though I felt really dizzy and sick. I might try to come up with something tonight, but that's a BIG maybe.

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