Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer Drawing Day #66

Yesterday was a little exhausting... but really fun. Before the Giant's game with the Phillies, I decided to try doing a drapery drawing, with bed sheets:
I kind of over did it... I told myself to just do one portion of the sheets, but I ended up doing almost the whole thing in order to fill up a 9 x 12 page. I spent about an hour and a half doing it, I think if I putted in a little more time and effort, it would have came out a little better...
For the game, I drew quite a bit of stuff:
The baby didn't turn out the way I hoped... but it was really cute, I just wanted to try drawing him out. Plus since I was at a baseball game, I figured I should at least draw the baseball diamond.
There was a kid sitting in front of me with a weird hairstyle, my mom asked me to draw him for laughs. The Bay Bridge a little tricky, because I drew it from a really far distance... I ended up missing an inning where the Phillies scored 4 runs. 
And for those who missed the game, there a little fight in the top of the 6th inning. The Giant's pitcher hit one of the Phillies' batter and everyone just charged in as a group like a crowded fight. Here's a picture of one moment in the fight:
It was pretty intense... you may be able to find a video of it on youtube or someplace (lots of people pulled out their cameras just to capture this moment).
So, overall, a pretty productive day...

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