Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer Drawing Day #67 & #68

I haven't really been that productive drawing-wise... I've just been spending SO much time outside with my dad.
Yesterday, we went to the driving range to hit golf balls in the morning, hiked along the coast of Pacifica in the afternoon, and walked along the ocean beach at night. I did manage to draw out a sign during a little break in the middle of our short hike:
Today I did two short walks by myself (in the morning and in the evening), and went on a long one with my dad at the park in the afternoon. All I managed to get today was the condiments at the restaurant we ate at tonight:
 Not the best, mostly a still life practice for a short period of time.
I hope to get in some life drawings tomorrow... depending if I'm willing to "stop and smell the roses," or in this case DRAW.

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