Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Drawing Day #64 & #65

Yesterday I was a little productive in a bunch of other things... I learned how to make bread pudding from my mom, I biked around my neighborhood, and I wasted hours of videos games until my thumbs were completely sore. I did, however, started on a group drawing yesterday, featuring some of the characters I made up.
On Sunday, I did a little photo shoot with my parents in order to get references on poses. Here are the photos:
I'd like to thank them again for participating, not many are brave enough to actually get their own picture taken...
For today, I finished up the group drawing (sketching, inking, coloring, EVERYTHING). Here's the drawing:
From left to right: Hugo (the anamorphic polar bear), Charcoal (the anamorphic house cat), Chris Matsumotto, Eclair (the anamorphic hedgehog), and Jenny Thompson.
I'm a little proud of it, though now that I look at it I can see a couple of things that need correcting (though I don't plan to point them out). This was mostly just practice drawing out more than one person and/or thing for one whole picture/illustration, and making every little detail good. That's probably one of the many things I need to work on...
For tomorrow, my parents and I will be going to the Giants game, so I'll try to get in some drawings in AT&T Park, along with some other things if possible.

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