Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall Drawing Day #32, #33, & #34

I've been stressing out a bit for the past few days... sometimes to the point where I wonder why I'm even doing all this... Yet, somehow, I still keep trying, because there is some satisfaction in the long run. I can't say if I'm becoming a good artist or anything, but I do think that I'm slowly getting better, bit by bit.
Anyway, Monday's are known as my busiest days of the week this semester. After classes, I attend figure drawing for about an hour. I'm not too please with the figure drawing I did, though this one seemed okay, this was done in twenty minutes:
For Tuesday, I had to work on a few things for other classes, though I put aside some things to do a perspective study:
I'm not sure if it turned out too good, I need to work a little on line quality. I do kind of like how some of it appears three-dimensional, but it could still use some work. I also got a chance to add neck anatomy to my anatomy book, this is a copy from Bammes' Artist's Guide to Human Anatomy:
I kind of like the turn out, may need to work on the shading for the muscles and such...
Yesterday and today, I worked a bit on my temple drawing (which I mentioned Sunday), it's not really finished yet, I'm still adding in a few more details:
I'm still not too sure about the turn out... the roof was quite a handful. I may try redoing it, though I'm already going to have a busy weekend, so I can't really say... So if I don't update sometime within the next five days, you'll know why....

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