Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall Drawing Day #22, #23, & #24

Been trying to do a little bit of everything this weekend, but like always, things never go according to plan...
Friday, I think spent most of my time walking and grocery shopping, I did get in a few gestures and perspectives... though this was probably the best I manage to do all day:
Might need to get back to the basics on perspective again... along with figure drawing (record shows that figure drawing is NOT my skill).
Saturday I spent most of my time outside again... but got less time to draw (due to fast transportation). I got to work a little in my anatomy book though:
This is mainly to get an idea of the muscles in the front torso.
For today, I had to spend most the day studying for one of general education classes, but got in another torso study, this was done from Bammes' Artist's Guide to Human Anatomy:
I also got another chance at drapery with some of my friends, which I personally think turned out a lot better than the last one I did:
I think this is due to greater contrast in light and shadow. A few areas do seem a little off to me, but I still like the turn out compared to the last two done.
For this week, if I get the time, I hope to do a rendering drawing, and possibly some more figure and anatomy drawings. I'll get back to all on that...


  1. Nice drapery. You got in so much more details than I did. Also it's inspiring that you're learning anatomy from books that are not Sheldon's. Make me wanna do perspective too. Keep up the good work!

  2. wow Hannah, You're being really productive!

  3. Hannah, you're improving so quickly!! Really inspiring! :D