Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Drawing Day #27 & #28

Been a bit busy this week, as usual... been hard keeping track on what should done and whatnot. Monday was my busy day; classes and figure drawing, along with studying for a test the next day. Tuesday, I spent the day with my dad, and the rest of the night working on a computer animation.
For Wednesday, I got a chance in the evening to work a little in my anatomy book, and did the back muscles of the torso:
For today, I had to work a little for one my computer animation and things for my other classes, but I managed to put off sometime to go to figure drawing. This time, I managed to work in a few drawings that I think are a personal best for a long time....
These were each done in ten minutes, I like the top one in matters of completeness (though I may need to look into legs and feet, along with hands), the second I mostly just like the gesture and weight. Somehow, I think I'm getting better at drawing out the torso, or at least with the model we had tonight.
This one was done in twenty minutes, this was more tricky since the model was laying down. I didn't have enough space for the feet, but I still kind of like how the structure turned out. Personally, I think I'm getting a little in matters of proportions, it's just in a matter of getting in the overall structure of the human figure.
Afterwards, I added in another torso drawing for my anatomy book, the rib cage and pelvis; this is a copy from Hale's Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters:
I like how the rib cage turned out, though I may try to go back to this to make it better... I can't really say if I'll get anything in for this weekend, since I have some plans and school work to get done, but I plan to play things by ear and see where it goes.

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