Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall Drawing Day #11 & #12

Another day, another blog...
Yesterday I spent a lot of time going out and about... here some things I that I did before meeting a friend for lunch:

I didn't really spend too much time on the fountain, so I can't really say if it is any better... I just added in the water... The shaped statue was a little tricky, it was mostly just to get the hang of making some shapes appear 3D
I also did some figure drawing outside, here's one of which I kind of like:
I know it's incomplete... I just like how the gesture turned out, looks like an actual lazy person.
And later I tried drawing the human skull from my textbooks along with the muscles on the face:
This was just to get an idea of how the muscles attach to the skull, and we're also suppose to know the muscles of the human body.
After class today, I tried going out and drawing out more people... don't know if I'll ever be please with my figure drawing... ever...
Eventually I got to drawing out another skull for my anatomy book:
This was from Bammes' The Artist's Guide to Human Anatomy, a simple skull with planes and shading. Just a way to get an idea of planes and shadow.
Tomorrow is going to be a busy day... but I'll still try to get something in if possible. Somehow, having a blog like this is like having due dates for projects, it inspires one to work on what he/she needs to. At least that's what I think of this blogging at the moment, even though it's just "senseless barking."

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