Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall Drawing Day #29, #30, & #31

Okay, a little overview:
Friday, I had my figure drawing/anatomy class, learned a bit about neck anatomy and animation. I did do some figure drawing, but they're not really complete... I might try drawing in the complete details sometime if I get the chance.
Saturday, I volunteered to pick apples at an orchard for a honors society I'm a part of, it was actually really fun, plus I got a lot of apples to take home. Afterwards, we went out to get Indian food for lunch, on the club. Later on, I ended up making an apple cake from the apples I brought back. Here's a picture:
 Don't know why the picture is rotated... it turned out pretty good.
Much later, I final got a chance to my rendering, an egg rendering, this was done in graphite:
I personally think it turned out okay, might need to improve a few areas. Sometime soon, I hope to do a paint rendering of this.
For today, I went to a Buddhist temple to try to draw it out. It's not really complete yet, but I took a photo and plan to add in the extra tiny details, hopefully soon. For the rest of the day, I had to work on my animation project, and got in another drapery study:
I tried applying more straights to make it more realistic, though it could probably use a little more contrast in value (value is another thing I hope to work on).
That's pretty much it, sadly... Despite all the busy work and whatnot, I hope to get more chances to draw for you all to see.

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