Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Drawing Day #7

I'm going to be completely honest, yesterday I didn't draw a single thing, spent most of the day watching movies and youtube. Today, however, I did manage get some work done. I tried practicing drawing eyes at first, then spent the rest of the day coming up with two characters. Which were based off of these two figures:
The boy is Jeremy Stuson (based from comic strip "Zits") and the dog is Chance (based from movie Homeward Bound). These two were originally my brother's, who came up with the two characters and personalities when we were little.
Anyway, I managed to come up with a simple design for each of them based on my interpretation. This one is Jeremy (along with practice eyes):
And this one is Chance (with a practice cube):
Their looks are subject to change, that is if I plan on actually working on these two in the future. I am also trying to develop a cartoon drawing style that is less anime-like, so I'll keep working on that.

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