Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Drawing Day #2

Today I managed to turn in my job applications and resumes, while at the same time looked for more job openings. However, in between, I managed to get some life drawings of people in downtown.
 The one above was done in the food court, thankfully she didn't seem to notice me.
This one was done on the muni street car when the muni just stopped for a couple of minutes.
I am still trying to improve my current figure drawing skills, since it is a major thing to know for the A/I program and it is one of my many weak points... That's why I did a few gesture figures from the Boot Camp book (these were copied, not traced).

I do plan to refer back to the text book and work on making improvements, so there will definitely be more life drawings and practice figures to come (depending...).
So, until tomorrow, have a good night, and be on the look out for rain tomorrow and this weekend.

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