Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Drawing Day #22

Today was a fun day, it was tiring, but really fun. Anyway, before we all managed to meet up together, I drew something from outside Hard Rock Cafe:
I'm still working on drawing people from life, as you can probably tell. Once the group got together, we got lunch, better to draw fishes with a full stomach than an empty one. Here's what I managed to get:
These weren't too good models, they kept moving... I might try practicing drawing a picture of a jellyfish before trying the real thing again.
The starfish was a little better, plus I tried drawing out the tunnel for fun, the perspective and arrangement seems completely off now that I look at it.
These were the fish I managed to get down while in the tunnel, personally I like the top fish, it was good at holding still, at least until it slipped off and swam away...
So, this is pretty much my progress so far, I might try working with still life sometime this weekend. I can't say too much about tomorrow, because that's when I finally get to sign up for fall classes, which is going to be REALLY STRESSFUL.
Before I go, I want to thank my nine colleagues who came to the Aquarium event today, I had a wonderful time hanging out and drawing, and I hope you all did too.

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