Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Drawing Day #51, #52 & #53

First off, I'd like to thank all the people who left critiques and advice for my last blog, I found it really helpful in matters of figure drawing. Still, I question whether I have what it takes to make it to the big leagues... Maybe it's just because of a portfolio review requirement for the A/I program at my university; some say it is not as bad as one may think, but there seems to be something that the professors are looking for in a students work that many fear they are missing.
I still remember one of my professors telling me not to give up my dream, yet I wonder: what is my dream? I think the main reason I wanted to go into illustration/animation was because I wanted to do a job that involved something I enjoyed doing, though I did had a slight idea that it was going to be a tough career path to take. Honestly I've thought many times whether I should try for something else or not.... but the one thing that's keeping me here are my A/I friends. If it weren't for them, making me and everyone around feeling like a big happy family, I probably would not still be around. So I owe a big thanks to everyone in the A/I for keeping me here. Even if I don't make it, I won't give up, at least without a fight.
Anyway, enough of my boring speech. Sunday, I had to work a little on my animation, along with some gesture tracing. I did get to do a drapery study, which I spent around 3 hours on:
I'm still working on gradation and value, though I still find it hard to make things "click."
Afterwards, I worked a little in my anatomy book, I worked on the back, this is a copy from my textbook:
I kind of like the turn out, though that's just me...
Monday was my busy day, I did go to figure drawing and asked for critiques here and there. I got a couple of helpful advice, so I hope to apply to my future figure drawings, if I can take it all in and whatnot.
Today I bought some anatomy flash cards, Netter's Anatomy (much cheaper than the actual book). I had to work a little with my 3D animation, but I did get a chance to draw out the skull, both front and lateral view:
 These were done in colored pencil, I tried adding a little value to match the cards a bit. Sometime, I hope to take some of my figure drawings and apply some anatomy to it, using anatomy cards as reference. First, however, I have to master the fundamentals... this I find ironic (how I still need to work on animating the human figure when I'm working on anatomy).

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