Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Drawing Day #43, #44, & #45

Have you ever stopped for a moment and wondered why you do some certain things (hobbies, jobs, careers, etc)? I'm kind of in that position, again... I still question whether I want to continue drawing in matters of rendering and, hopefully, cartooning... Sometimes I wonder what I would do, if someone told me to just give this all up. It's actually quite heart breaking (for one to give up a passion or possible dream).
Friday I had my anatomy class of course, but it was a pretty rough day for me, so I didn't get in any good figure drawing... After class, the club had a movie night, we saw an animation screening from the club members, and an old black and white movie called Ball of Fire (a really good, funny movie, I recommend seeing it).
Saturday, I had volunteer work for Left Coast Live, mostly just arranging the signs and products for the attendees and band members. I had to work for only four hours, after that I had to go back and practice more figure drawing. Right now I plan to try to improve my human gestures and faces, so that will be what I'll try to focus on for now....
Today was a little more easy, I still spent quite a bit of tracing paper tracing over gestures and people. Since we were learning arms in anatomy, I did an arm drawing from Bammes' Artist's Guide to Human Anatomy:
Not really the best... though it kind of helped me get a good idea of the structure. I also did a skeletal drawing of an arm, but I do not really like the turn out.. 
The rest of the day I had to work a bit on my 3D animation project, but I did get a chance to do a drapery study:
It's not really finished yet, I plan to add in a few more shadows in a few areas. I kind of like the gesture established, though I'd like to add better values and contrast (our professor mentioned a bit about adding contrast to our drawings to help stand out).
I hope to come back sometime soon with some better stuff, hopefully something on faces and gestures (that's what I'm now striving for), though I still can't say with my busy schedule at the moment... have a good night and good week everyone.

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  1. Hannah you're doing great and improving so much!! I do get those days when I wonder what got me here, and I just recently realized that just the basic act of drawing is what I love. Thanks Hannah for posting and keep up the great work!! :DD