Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Drawing #56, #57, & #58

Still working on my figure drawing, right now I'm trying to master gesture...

I'm also working weight and balance, which I know is probably off on a lot of figures...
Friday was another rough day in Anatomy class, basically for everyone, including the professor. It's times like these I question why I'm trying for this; I even thought about changing to another major. But after some thinking and talking to some friends and family, I figured this is just a phase everyone goes through, no matter what major or career one chooses, and I'm just going to have to deal with it... Even if I don't make it, at least I can say I gained good experience from it as an artist. 
Saturday I had to do studying for another art history exam Wednesday (which can sadly be time-consuming). I also did gesture traces, I hope to put more action into my figures. Other than that, I went to one of my friend's birthday party (probably a bad idea, but a good way to catch a little break).
Today was more studying, along with a leg anatomy study; this I did copying a figure from my textbook and using Netter's anatomy cards to understand the leg muscles:
I used colored pencil on the muscle to make it fancy, though I'm still unsure if the proportions are correct. Later I went to do a drapery study (I usually do it with other art students, but today it was just me):

I kind of like how the left side turned out, I really tried to work in contrast. I'm not too sure about the right side, I had some hard times with shading due to the poor lighting work I did with the drapery. 
This week I hope to get more of a positive attitude and just draw for fun, which may hopefully bring a little more confidence in my work. 

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  1. Hi Hannah!

    I just saw your other post and I really like your torso study! I can't really comment on the anatomy book since I have no expertise on it (I got an F on my check) so I will leave that for other people. Your skulls with the colored sections are also wonderful.

    Keep going!!! Sadly drawing is something in which we can't improve overnight or I'm sure 112B would be less stressful for everyone. Along with going back and reviewing what people have said before, I'm all for drawing on top of models in magazines. I believe some people use the free catalog from Victoria Secret. Tracing figures is nice, but with a model and no drawing, we'd have to think of the construction and so it's a level further than just tracing.

    I suggest that because it'll help with proportions of limbs. Your torso and pelvis along with the legs seem fine, but your heads and arms don't seem to match them proportionately for me. But you've been taking the previous comments to heart since your torsos aren't so lopsided anymore so there is improvement there! Nice. Also your torso and pelvis closed the extra distances. Don't lose those mental checks.

    Anyways keep working hard! You inspire me to keep my blog updated.