Monday, August 19, 2013

Closing the summer of 2013

Okay, so before I go back to studying and working my butt off in college work, I wanted to do a post of stuff I managed to sketch out for the remaining of my summer vacation.

This one is a drawing of one of the hanging lights one can find in Japantown San Francisco, did this while waiting for a friend:
These are sketches I did while waiting for a friend's birthday party:
One of the girls I was waiting with asked me to draw out a person, I ended up picking a picture of a girl on one of the photo machines we saw. Record shows figure drawing is not my thing...
These I drew just yesterday in Caffe Frascati with some A/I friends:

That's pretty much it in matters of art for now, I managed to work on my portfolio a bit; such as reorganizing the format, replacing the photos, and adding in a little more hand drawings/concept, though I do not feel like sharing it yet. I am going to take a special portfolio class for my major so hopefully I will learn something in making a professional portfolio.
I am also having a handful of classes this semester that could determine what will happen to me for the rest of my college career, so I may not have much time to do sketches for fun and whatnot. Though I hardly think it matters to many of you (lots of you readers managed to live without me posting for months). I do plan to inform you all how things go this semester, most likely at the very end when I know the results/grades. And to all my art friends: best of luck to you all for your classes and any other obstacle you plan to conquer this semester.

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