Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy 4th of July

Hey again, it's going to be fourth of July weekend, hope you all have plans or plan to give yourself something fun to do over the four day weekend. I plan to go to a family reunion in Denver, Colorado up in the mountains, so we'll see whether it will be a worthwhile weekend with relatives and cousins, though something usually goes wrong on big events like this (or at least they do when I think nothing can go wrong), so all I can do is hope for the best.
Anyway, before that, I wanted to show some stuff I've been doing about a week ago. They are also concept designs for a summer film, but I do not plan on revealing anything about them just yet, so just use your imagination:

These are clothes designs I came up with at first using a person to model the the clothes. 

 Afterwards, I was asked to do the designs separate from the models, so I just did flat front and back views of the designs I thought up of. 
That's sadly pretty much it for now, I did do a quick drawing of a column today at the mall while waiting for my mom to try on some tops, though I'm personally not too happy with the rushed/messy turnout. Hopefully, if I get a chance, I can get a chance to do some sketches during the family reunion. So to all reading this, Happy 4th of July (and Happy Birthday cousin Erin).

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